Transport Nalaco goes ahead with the ISAAC Instruments telemetry solution

To stay on the technological cutting edge and offer its customers the best possible service, Transport Nalaco recently decided to change telemetry systems and equip its fleet of 65 trucks with the tools offered by the Québec company ISAAC Instruments. With the amendments to be made to the Transport Act over the next few years, Transport Nalaco is positioning itself in the forefront of local transport by opting for this avenue before it becomes mandatory.

The decision to choose this solution has quickly emerged as the most interesting in the short, medium and long term. Installing tablets in the trucks will allow easier tracking of movements for all players involved in the logistics chain. It will also increase the company’s operational efficiency while improve the quality of life for drivers, who will see paper documentation gradually disappear.

Feedback with the customer, the shipper and the consignee will be facilitated throughout the process. Whether by management of arrival times or management of weigh tickets, the solution will allow real-time tracking of movements. An undeniable advantage in a world where information management is essential.

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